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Crystal bullet necklaces

Following tattoo artists, jewellery designers and illustrators on Instagram has been my latest entertainment when waiting for a bus, trying to fall asleep or relaxing in the bath.

I’ve come across some truly creative and inspiring people and last month one caught my magpie eye. A crystal fanatic, who calls herself The Golden Tooth. Seeing her crystal bullet necklaces and being a believer in crystal healing I knew I needed one in my possession.

My first order comprised of two clear crystal quartz bullets with inclusions on a silver 30″ chain. One had my cousin’s name on it (for her birthday) and the other, a gloriously unselfish gift to myself!

Image from The Golden Tooth

Soo beautiful that I wear it most days to add a touch of class and calmness to any outfit.

My obsessions didn’t stop there…
I order a further two – a Rose Quartz for my mother for Mother’s Day and one for a friend who’s moving back to Australia (a smokey quartz and clear quartz).

Image from The Golden Tooth



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