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GB Hotel – Secret Cinema

Hearing soo much about how amazing the Secret Cinema experience is from friends, I dubiously booked two tickets, for my cousin’s birthday, without a morsel of information about what event was about. At just over £50 a ticket, the reputation, and soon to be sold-out nature for this event made me part with a ton. Shrouded in mystery, me and my cousin waited patiently to find out that the event will be based around Wes Anderson film, The Grand Budapest Hotel – result!

We receive a plethora of instructions: dress in evening attire from the 1930s [link to look book], fill out ID cards [link to pdf], bring along an item to trade with other guests [link to examples], learn how to waltz [link to video], send a selfie when you’re on route [link to FB event]. All a little intensive and over the top, these requirements almost put me off the event entirely.

After the rigmarole we glamed up and headed to the secret destination in Farringdon. Trying to get my hair into 1930s finger waves and pin curls will not be repeated in a hurry!



The attention to detail, decoration and production of the transformed factory was immense. Although knowing the theme and film meant we could watch the trailer in anticipation gave a little away: the creepy basement museum, morgue, spa and secret rooms on over five floors (that were free for us to explore) left a lot to the imagination.

It gave us the united feeling that we all put in a lot of effort and every other ‘guest’ attending was equally enthused in beautiful cocktail dresses, flawless make-up, suits, braces and hats.

Photography Marianne Chua
Photography Marianne Chua for Secret Cinema


Not a cheap outing, after sipping on a few champagne cocktails, but fun to play dress-up for an evening of decadence with the birthday girl.


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