Soundtrack for running – Cleft

Having the pleasure of seeing Cleft headline at the Brixton Windmill, a few weeks back, supported by The Jorneta StreamBermuda Ern and True AmericanI was pleasantly surprised to hear such a wall of noise coming from an instrumental two-piece, a drummer and guitarist, from Manchester.
Forming in 2011 and coining their genre as “turbo-prog” these guys are extremely talented with a light sprinkle of silliness and good kick to the cranium.

Not easily an instant mega-fan, they blew me away, and I had no choice but to buy their album AND t-shirt.
photo 3
Their dirty loud sounds and driving percussion has made this album my new motivational running soundtrack – bosh!
Here’re some images from my run with Cleft…

photo 1 photo 2

Their latest full-length debut, aptly named ‘BOSH!’ , released February 2014 – here’s a snippet

Download their EP here:


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