Hatha Heather

Every journey starts with the first step…

How I came into Yoga
Having attended every type of yoga class in London and enjoying the benefits, like many, the reason I attended was purely to focus on my physicality. Wanting to be more bendy, to have the bikini bod, to fit into that ever-shrinking pair of skinny jeans…
Like most of my efforts in exercise for these reasons, every taster class was attended and each was short lived. A fad until I could try the next trendy exercise plan.
Something was missing.

On a journey of a life time starting in Sri Lanka I started reading into Eastern mystic philosophies. Here is where the journey started to get interesting. From reading the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, years prior, the seed of infinite consciousness was already planted and once immersed in travel, the shackles of work and London life were abolished. Here, I could freely make efforts to further my knowledge through real experience.

At the end of my adventure I went to India, a country that was calling me. I studied a 200hr certified Hatha Yoga course in Goa at Shiva Shakti yoga school, in the river-side jungle, a short stroll from the beach. Here I could quench my thirst for spirituality and philosophy teamed with a devotion to keeping my physical self at its best. Only once all of these elements were aligned could I find a home for Yoga within.



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