Back to basics, Hatha Heather

Back to basics… Usha Paan (Drink water)

Usha Paana an ancient Indian water therapy and Ayurvedic treatment. Usha means rising of the sun and Paana is to take something liquid.

Every morning, first thing, simply drink 3-4 glasses of water before breakfast and before even brushing your teeth.

Those who have tried it, know it works! So here is a friendly reminder to keep it up or why you should give it a try.

Because it makes you feel electric and the long term effects are endless…

Not only hydrating you, it helps to rid your mouth of the Alkaline build up it’s accumulated during the night (aka morning breath) and kick starts your metabolism by cleaning through your digestive tract. It’s your kidneys best friend. Don’t wait till you have a hang-over to do it, try it everyday.

If you’re one who knows you do not drink enough water, then set yourself up – it’s all about preparation. Every night take a bottle of water to bed. Simply wake up and drink it! Easy right?

The results are instant…

Clearer skin, higher energy levels, it kick starts your metabolism to maintain a healthy body weight and boosts your immune system.

***Pimp your water***

Add lemon, mint or cucumber for extra flavour and make sure it’s drank at room temperature or, even better, lukewarm 😉



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