Hatha Heather

Where you’ll find me…

[UPDATE: I’ve gone traveling from December 2017 back in London May 2018, until then you’ll find me with a backpack in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Australia 🙂 ]

…in a brand new Yoga Shala in Hoxton. The heart of Hackney’s hipster district, London.

Bringing an enthusiastic class to the FTC studio, with a eclectic music mix to each session to set a suitably chilled atmosphere.

Be prepared to jump into the session with vibrant Sun Salutations followed by powerful balances, dynamic twists and elasticated stretches leaving you relaxed and focused. Suitable for all levels and abilities. 

Outside of class I will be around to welcome guests to the FTC, running Meditation on Monday, managing the studio, as well as helping to book you into our ever developing range of classes. 

Want to teach, guest or hold an event then just drop me a line +44 (0)7399 625 982 or email info@forthecore.co.uk


www.forthecore.co.uk / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter


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